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Low-carbon Eco City

China Zhong An peace has been keeping good relationship with official institutions, academic and scientific research organizations and enterprises belonging to many countries like German and Austria, and devoting itself to promote the development of Low-carbon Eco City and Low-carbon Eco Zone.


Low-carbon Eco City Project is the fusion of the principle of “production-life-ecosystem”, the entirety of scientific, systematization, foresight and methodology, and the world's advanced technology and products.


Low-carbon Eco Zone Project can save and intensively use energy to effectively reduce carbon emissions through the application of the technology of zero-carbon and low-carbon. It is the embodiment of sustainable development idea and the implementation of low-carbon economic development model and ecological development idea.




Areas of Low-carbon Eco City


Urban economy pillar industry positioning design and planning; Mode design and plan with urban production, living and ecology; Design and plan of urban technological infrastructure; Design and plan of public infrastructure; Design and plan of local traditional protection; Energy production of water, electricity, gas and so on, and select and design of the utilization of renewable energy; Plan of energy reasonable delivery and optimal configuration; Energy saving and use efficiency enhancement; Design and construction plans of buildings, houses; Plan and design of low energy buildings supervision; Check and accept and certificating of low - energy buildings; Scientific management of buildings. Design and plan of cinema, theatre and recreational facilities; Design and plan of stadiums and park green space; Design and plan of shopping mall; Design and plan of schools, kindergartens and nursing home; Design and plan of hospitals and pharmacy, etc.; Design and plan of public and private transportation; Select and design of replaceable energy vehicle, like electro mobile; Design of urban intelligent traffic management; Program planning for recycling, purifying and disposal of wastewater; Program planning for recycling and disposal of all kinds of garbage; Program planning for the re-use of garbage (cycle economy).




Under the principles of production, living and ecology, adjust measures to local conditions and provide services for design, consulting, the entire solution plan, etc.; Plan and implementation of technological resources; Implementation of official program resources out of China; Assisting to establish sister cities; Providing overall financing; Assisting local government with scientific management; Co-management with local government.


CombiTec Technology Seminar
China-Germany Eco City Project International Cooperation Office
In order to promote the implementation of German advanced eco-technology, China Zhong An Peace and International Cooperation Centre of National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China, set up together China-Germany Eco City Project International Cooperation Office, which is the Eco-city construction project platform of CombiTec technology, etc.


On 12 November 2016, the China-EU Low-carbon Eco City Development Seminar, organized by China Zhong An Peace was successfully held in Beijing. China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, European-Chinese Association for Advancement of Environmental Development and Foundation for Globalization Cooperation participated the event. The Seminar actively discussed topics of How China-EU to Face Global Climate Change, Development of Low-carbon Economy, Promotion of Passive House and Green Energy-efficient Buildings around the main theme of Response to Climate Change and Building of Low Carbon Eco-City, and exchanged ideas, experiences, methods and technology.

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