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CZAP is Commissioned by UNIDO to Promote and Conduct Related Projects in China


Recently, CZAP has been commissioned by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as "UNIDO") to promote and conduct the “Cradle to Cradle”(C2C)- a sustainable development concept and model based on circular economy, as well as the implementation of other relevant projects of UNIDO in China.

UNIDO, founded in 1966, is a specialized agency of the United Nations, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and currently has 171 member states.

The concept of C2C reflects the forward-looking understanding of sustainable development in the current international community, and is a guiding theory that guides today's society to break through the old patterns of sustainable development and carry out the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Its paradigm, theory, and relevant international and domestic practices have important reference significance for enriching China’s ecological civilization theory and practice. The core idea of C2C is that “everything is a nutrient and can return to nature”. It is believed that the outcome of a product should be conceived from the product design stage, allowing material to continuously circulate and achieving sustainable upward circulation development.

There are three principles for achieving "cradle to cradle": firstly, eliminate the concept of waste. Replace with the concept that all materials should be nutrients. From the design stage of the product, it is necessary to consider the benefits of materials and products to human health and environmental safety during production, use, and recycling. Secondly, is to use renewable energy. Thirdly, advocating for the creation of diversity, including biodiversity, ecological diversity, cultural diversity, and conceptual diversity, striving to maximize the benefits of human activities on the environment, society, and economy.

C2C is not just an ecological and environmental concept with philosophical thinking. It emphasizes systematization and integration, pays attention to material health, utilizes renewable energy, promotes material recycling, values water and soil ecology, and resource value and diversity. It also pays great attention to how to promote harmony between humans and nature through social governance.

C2C related paradigms and theories have been widely applied internationally, guiding enterprises, regions, and countries to occupy the high ground of environmental ethics, and promoting international competition and cooperation through fixed and strong chains to promote international governance.

CZAP will participate in training, promotion, and promotional activities for the "Cradle to Cradle" project; assist in promoting cooperation intentions in the planning, design, investment, financing, and management of "cradle to cradle" projects in relevant regions; assist senior officials of the UNIDO or experts from international organizations in communicating and exchanging relevant business with Chinese national or local high-level officials; assist relevant projects in seeking policy support from the Chinese government and integrate resources such as industry and technology within the policy framework; assist UNIDO and Chinese project units in communicating with German, European, and other foreign enterprises in China, and make efforts to promote China's ecological civilization construction and absorb international experience, etc.

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